Tipi 16′

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North American Sioux Tipi.
Beautiful, natural, timeless and Practical. A stylish and versatile shelter for your special event or gathering.
Hire – 1 Day £250. Additional days £62.50 per day

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We can supply 16ft or 19ft  tipis for your gathering, party, festival or special event.

A tipi is a simple conical structure made up of multiple poles that are covered with a canvas cover and has adjustable smoke flaps.

There is something really magical about the North American Sioux tipis: they are beautiful, natural structures that are rustic with timeless simplicity. Inside, they are a calm, shelter that’s stylish, practical and versatile. They offer a really welcoming sight to any special event.

Tipi terms

No fires are to be lit in our tipis. This also applies to candles and incense.

If the tipi canvas gets dirty please do not try to wash it off. Mud tends to brush off canvas very well once it has dried.

Please keep face painted children away from our tipis, this also applies with painting near our tipis.

We would ask that mucky pets be dried off before entering our tipis. No wet dog shaking beside our tipis please.

Camp fires must be kept some distance away from our Tipis